Welcome Home!

I remember the day we first became homeless it was just me and my two littles trying to figure our next move. I was working as much as I could while Dad was away and he was supposed to be home in a few days. We had to figure out where we were gonna go and how. Although it took several months we finally found a home.

Our housing specialist Eliza worked tirelessly to find something for us. She followed up with us regularly and would communicate as often as necessary. Our Case manager was Espie and she helped us so much. She gave us hope. We were so blessed the day Eliza called and said, “I have a lead and you’re gonna love it.” She was right!

She knew both Dillon and I worked in Monterey. She found this amazing apartment down the road from both places of employment. We were over the moon. We could not wait to move in.
Move in day was March 6. As we drove up, Dillon and I were anxious. We could not wait to finally have a place to come home. We met up with our property manager Ana and Espie. As we exited the moving truck and walked in, Dillon and I were gleaming with happiness and anticipation. The moment we walked through that door, we knew this was home. Such a beautiful place with large windows for the sun to come in every morning. The kitchen is petite enough so I can reach several storage areas. Bright with an amazing view of the surrounding scenery. The area is so green and lively. The best part of all, we finally had a place to come home. We didn’t have much but the Housing Resource Center helped us in more ways than one.

HRC helped my family and I feel normal again. The day we moved in was one of our happiest. We couldn’t have done it without Eliza and Espie. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people who care about their clients and don’t just see a number but they see the good in them. We will forever be grateful to them. Thank you HRC and most of all, thank you Eliza and Espie for giving us a new home.