Tricia Whited

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the contribution you have made towards my long journey of self-sufficiency. Your agency was the final piece in my story of independence. As you well know, my road to recovery started almost 4 years ago and up until now, I have not known what it’s like to pay my own way. I have been on assistance the last couple of years and in transitional housing with my lease coming up in November. During this time, I CHOOSE to make the next right decision or go down the right path for me and my family every time that fork in the road cam my way. Especially with the help of supportive services like HRC. The right CHOICE was to get my A.S. in Early Childhood Education and Development at Monterey Peninsula College, repair my credit and pay off my debt, become an active productive member in my neighborhood and community, seek full time employment and get off any and all government assistance. It wasn’t easy, but it has been done. A key part of my independence was HRC and with the services HRC offered, it enabled me to focus on my full-time employment, the worry of not paying application costs out of pocket, apply for homes with confidence, and completely repair my credit. As of today, I no longer have any collection actions on my Equifax report and all my accounts I have paid since working with HRC have been deleted. With all your effort, you have helped me find, secure, and pay for my own residence completely and I am independent from this point on. You are an amazing person [Zac] who really gave support not only professionally but compassionately. You were sensitive to my needs and to my wants, helping me recognize what is practical and necessary. I have learned an enormous amount about the housing market and how to be a successful and restpectful tenant. I wish you all the best and erst assured any client who gets you is extremely lucky to have you. We can all go forward know the system can work and has.

Kindest Regards and Endless Appreciation,

Thricia L. Whited