Rodriguez Family

I’ve been a single mother since the start, my daughter is now 6 & I’m 24 years old. I started off working for a school district when I was about 22 years old; they placed me at my daughter’s school to work at. It was the most convenient for me at the time because she would start school & I would start work. I had rented form my grandparents for about two years already paying them rent every month & in charge of the water bill. My rent was raised by the end of 2019 and I could barely afford it. My whole check would go to my bills. I didn’t have any extra to spend on my daughter or necessities. Little did I know our lives were about to get worse. By January 2020, I was asked to pack my things & find somewhere else to stay. My own grandparents didn’t even give me time to pay what I owed them; they honestly just wanted me out cause I couldn’t afford their raised rent. I stared off staying with other family at first, then friends. I then lost my job due to Covid-19; my daughter was no longer in school either. We were just moving every day, showering at different houses trying not to be a burden to anyone at this point. I then had no choice but to sleep in my car & have my daughter sleep inside with my family on the couch while I parked outside to sleep. There was no room for me anywhere I felt worthless & I felt less of a mother by letting it get to this point. This went on for a couple months until I was contacted by HRC. I had been contacted by other programs that claimed would help me with my homelessness but never kept their word so I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I listened to everything HRC wanted me to do they got me into a hotel and I couldn’t have been any happier to finally sleep in a bed with my daughter next to me after so many months. I was searching every week for a home I had no luck, until Nathalie told me to come look at a place with her. I didn’t hesitate and I met her there, and looked at the place. In my head I never thought I would have been approved. Once she told me I was, I still couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I got the keys that I finally realized I have a home to call my own. I cried tears of joy that night sleeping on just a mattress but safe in my new home with my daughter. I’ve never felt so accomplished in my life. I have HRC to be thankful for cause without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. They’ve blessed me in the best way possible and I couldn’t be any happier then I am today.