Rachel Hernandez

My name is Rachel Hernandez and I have been homeless for three years. I went to an inpatient program and got connected with Housing Resource Center. Since I met Antonio, he seemed determined to help me find housing. I had to finish my program first, then I went to an SLE for a couple of months and when I left the SLE I went back to the same situation I had come from when I went to SSC, I was homeless once more. Antonio helped put me in a motel for three weeks and then met Violet. I had to go to my grandmother’s house after the three weeks and I shared the living room with two other relatives and slept on the floor. Violet was good about helping me find places to apply for and was really on top of things by helping me fill out applications and keeping me updated. I reached out to Antonio because I felt really overwhelmed by being so crowded at my grandmothers, I felt like I could not last that much longer. Antonio was able to get two more weeks approved at the motel. Violet reached out to me letting me know that there was a possible house we could look at and by the end of those two weeks at the motel, I got the news of a meeting with the landlord for an apartment. Violet and I had the meeting, and we were told the apartment was mine and that I could move in the next day. I truly am grateful for Violet Orozco, Antonio Cardona, and the Housing Resource Center. I now have a two-bedroom apartment of my own for me and my 7-year-old son. I truly have been blessed. Thank you.