My name is Paul and this is my letter of success! Beginning 4 years ago back in 2016 I have the misfortune of becoming homeless. Every day was a struggle consisting of trials and tribulations. I seen many people around me who had become comfortable mentally and physically lacking guidance and/or direction to getting themselves out of being homeless. Due to poor decision making in my past, I served 4 years behind bars (2010-2015). When my time was up, I was paroled and became homeless. I had no foundation, family support, nor anywhere to plant my feet firmly in a community that I considered home. With no firm support for those closest to me because of my addictive lifestyle and unfortunate chain of events, one of my family members lost their housing, leading me to live in a motor home for about two years. This journey had a few good times, but mainly bad, experiencing poor living conditions, lack of food, facilities, and harassment by local law enforcement. On the top of no consistency and access to life’s daily necessities, it has been hard to find consistent work and I began to become a product of my environment.

Agony and anguish developed and was always in the back of my mind. I wasn’t standing tall, I had to get back up. I needed a helping hand, I needed solid resources. In 2018, I began street life in a tent and for about two years, the recreational trail was my “home”. During the majority of my homeless span, I have been working with the Homeless Coalition, and occasionally working with gigs. Many long dats and trying nights later, I received the call I have been waiting for regarding the opportunity of housing and resources with Moon Gate Plaza. I continued steadfast and was led to the Housing Resource Center (HRC) who helped seal the deal on my rehabilitation into what is called normal society. The HRC has been a blessing, for without them, I wouldn’t of had the means to afford move in costs and more. The HRC has definitely lended a helping hand, which I appreciate to the fullest. The HRC showed nothing less than understanding and compassion, assisting all whom as less fortunate.

I now look forward to a brighter future with my feet planted firmly, as I become better equipt with the tools to overcome adversity. Moving forward in the directions of betterment, united we stand and divided we fall!