Janette Caguiat

Matilde was the first person whom made contact with me over the phone!

She was like a breath of fresh air and was just kind from the moment she asked to speak with me!  I have had an extremely rough few years and yes some were because I had made some poor choices and some because life happened!  She started asking me questions about me and then about my living situation!  To be honest, I never had any expectations of being helped… I really thought HRC was going to be another referral service!  I had no expectations at all good or bad.  Lorilynn Mojica my CALWORKS worker had started working with me months before while I was waiting for my unemployment!  She started the process and was extremely kind just listening to me at times when I had to vent!  I had a cancer scare years ago and thought the worst and then have had continuing health issues I’m still dealing with.  So when Eliza contacted me literally 2 days later I was in total shock!  Then Vanessa called me the following week to start my paperwork!  Eliza was like this fairy godmother who already had an apartment in mind and had me come out that Saturday to look at it and ended up signing the lease the week after and now here we are in our humble home!  It was unbelievable!  I felt like I was in a dream!  To be homeless one moment and then in a home the next!

I can’t tell you what it’s like to be constantly disappointed because I’m not at the below poverty level just so I can get assistance for my family and I.  But we are at the cusp of it!  As I continue my journey of getting healthy I have had a back procedure on September 23rd and another one coming up this Wednesday, October 28th!

We still live pay check to pay check and looking for better employment and wanting so badly to be self-sufficient again!  I have not given up but the day Matilda called me was grace… I had become completely hopeless and was doing my best to not show it to my friends or family! She was this angel that knew exactly what to say with no judgment… she did not know me…but she showed me kindness through the phone that I’m just so grateful for!

My hope is that this handout that my family and I are receiving will be a hand up for us to keep moving forward and the investment that many have made in us…my great hope is to pay it forward!

Thank you LoriLynn, Eliza, Vanessa, HRC, and Matilde!

Thank you for giving me my family and I a new start!