Program Information

Monterey Peninsula Foundation Charity Match is a unique way for local nonprofits to raise funds to serve their charitable mission. Since the matching program began in 2007 (formerly known as Birdies for Charity), Monterey Peninsula Foundation has helped local nonprofit organizations and schools raise more than $4 million. This year’s program runs from November 3, 2014 through February 27, 2015.

Collecting Donations: Donations are accepted through February 27, 2015 on our donation website and by mail. Acceptable forms of payment include credit/debit cards and checks (by mail). For donors who are unable to make donations online, charities may enter them. Donors will receive an email confirmation for tax-reporting purposes. If a donor does not have an email address, charities may enter a staff email address and print/mail the confirmation to the donor. Even though Monterey Peninsula Foundation sends donation confirmations, charities are responsible for recognizing the donor for their donation (i.e. sending a thank you note, etc.).

Sending Check Donations? Charities are encouraged to collect all check donations and record them on the donation website, before sending to the Monterey Peninsula Foundation office. Please allow 7-14 days to process check donations. Please note:


  • Checks must be payable only to “Monterey Peninsula Foundation.” No exceptions.
  • If a check is written to your charity, either deposit it into your charity’s bank account or contact your donor to reissue the check. Checks not explicitly written out to “Monterey Peninsula Foundation” are not eligible for the program and will be returned.
  • Do not write on or correct a donor’s check. This is considered fraud and is illegal. If you receive a check that is incorrect, please ask your donor to reissue the check.
  • Do not send checks from your charity (or a related party) to be matched through Charity Match (even on behalf of a donor). Participating charities may not use their own operating funds or grants awarded by any Foundation or funder to be matched as part of the program.
  • Membership fees, school tuition payments, bake or candy sales, auction bids, event sponsorships, and other financial gifts in exchange for goods or services (i.e. if a donor receives substantial benefit for their donation) are not considered a donation by IRS regulations and are not eligible to be matched by the Foundation.