First Time Home Buyer Education and Certificate

Many lenders require potential home buyers to complete a Homebuyer Certification Course. HRC is the only agency in the County approved to provide the multi-hour course that includes:

1. How to choose a realtor

2. Understanding each step—and the accompanying forms and documents—in the loan and purchase process.

3. How to set aside funds for home maintenance, taxes, insurance and emergency purpose.

4. and more

This online course is offered in English and Spanish, in conjunction with our in-house HUD-certified Housing Counselors. At completion, each client household receives an FTHB Certificate of Completion to present to their lender. This Certificate may qualify them for preferred lending programs, down payment assistance, and reduced interest rates.

Courses Offered

Home Buyer Education $99.00 Per Registration
Home Buyer Certificate $15.00 Per Certificate
Total: $114.00 For Education & Certificate

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